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Private Lessons

Miami Hype Volleyball Club offers Small Group / Private Lessons to make improvements in the areas athletes  desire.

Focused training helps individual players learn the desired skill(s).

All athletes, regardless of age, school, and club affiliation, are welcome  for small group / private lessons!

PART 1: STRENGTH & CONDITIONING (with Coach Nekane & Alpha Miami Fitness)

Volleyball players perform complex movements on the court and it is vital to include strength training & conditioning to perform their best. Putting in the time off the court, focusing on strength and conditioning, is essential to maximizing power and functional strength while reducing the incidence and severity of injury.  Part 1 of the lessons include a Strength & Conditioning program that will increase explosive power, vertical jump, agility, endurance, and speed.  While increasing relative strength, athletes will learn body control, proper jumping/landing mechanics, and muscular stability.  Athletes will also learn correct technique in basic movements while targeting core, shoulder, and unilateral muscle stability.


Volleyball lessons offer players an opportunity to work in a small group with a Miami Hype coach to develop their skills and proper technique.

Small group lessons allow players to develop skills by breaking down volleyball techniques through step-by-step teaching, and demonstration by our very experienced coaching staff.  These sessions will provide athletes with more repetitions in their respective positions and skills they’re eager to improve on. Private lessons are an effective way to continue to develop a solid foundation, receive help to correct technique, and to break bad habits.


Contact the Hype Coaches on this list to find the coach that works best for you based on location, availability, price, skills, etc. 

Click on a coach's name, take a look at their bio, & give them a call!

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